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What To Expect From Lawn Maintenance Services

If you can’t look after your lawn on a regular basis, hiring a professional lawn care service will take care of the problem. Hiring a lawn care professional for the first time can be daunting as you wonder what to expect. You might want to know the process of choosing the company that will do the work and obtain vital information before you agree to hiring a particular lawn care service provider. You also need to investigate the qualifications or credentials of the company to prevent any major surprises or disappointments.

An overview of your lawn condition

Upon inspection, the lawn care technician will discuss problems with your lawn. This step is crucial in identifying what needs to be done. You might be following some practices that are harmful to your lawn. It gives you an insight on whether or not you’re providing enough water for your lawn to grow healthy or if the grass is at the correct height when moving. It isn’t enough that you’re fertilizing the lawn as you might need to take some extra steps.


The lawn care maintenance provider offers core aeration services which your lawn can benefit from . Ideally, aeration should be performed once every three years. The process involves using a device which consists of metal tubes with the diameter of one-half inch. It is rolled over the lawn to ensure that it penetrates a few inches into the turf. This method removes the plugs of soil and turf. The holes that the device leaves will receive air, water, fertilizer and organic matter that will nurture the roots. The holes also allow the soil to make room for roots to grow better by providing better air and water circulation.


Fertilizer acts as vitamins and supplement for your plants. It gives nutrients to maximize the growth of your lawn. Lawn care professionals recommend applying fertilizer at least three to six times every year, depending on the needs of your lawn. There are three types of fertilizer to consider: slow release-synthetic, fast-release synthetic, and slow release.

The slow release fertilizer gives your lawn a gradual but more steady supply of nutrients. Although some plants may already have synthetic slow-release nitrogen, it is only available to plants when microbes have acted on it so long as the soil is under proper condition with enough moisture and warmth.

The fast release fertlizer gives your grass nutrition in a quick fashion so the leaves will grow rapidly. The roots can also benefit from this type of fertilizer, especially if you have a good weather.

The synthetic slow release can nurture the roots if the plant receives lower nitrogen dose. It also saves you from moving the lawn frequently because the energy is also diverted to the leaf growth.


Seeind is a process that can fill areas, which have thinned-out. When your lawn is denser, you will discourage pest infestation and the growth of weeds. You will also improve your lawn’s ability to resist disease and insects. If you are going to perform seeding yourself, you need to make sure that the seeds are planted well. You can use a rake for the process as it will stir up the soil which is underneath the lawn. You also need to apply compost once the seeds have been distributed. If you hire a professional lawn care service, the seeding will include aeration.

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